For years, the Mountaineer Balloons Festival was a staple of Morgantown in the Fall.  Every year, more than 40  balloons would travel to West Virginia to participate in a series of "hare and hound" races.  The festival offered not only balloon launches, but also a carnival, food vendors, music and entertainment, a craft tent, local organizations, a kid's day, presenters from local attractions plus lots more.  It became an event for the whole family that many of us remember growing up with.

In recent years, our original festival grounds were built up and no longer offered a safe launch point for our balloons.  However, the balloons were greatly missed and so we created an adapted version of the festival called "Balloons Over Morgantown".  This weekend event invites 15-20 balloons to return to Morgantown for 5 launches. Last year, we held the first Balloons Over Morgantown Event and we had 14 balloons return to fly in the West Virginia fall foilage.  Although the weather didn't cooperate, we had a great time and we were able to have one beautiful launch!

For 2016 we're expecting 18 balloons to attend.  Last year we launched from the Morgantown Airport plus two additional locations.  This year, all of the balloon launches will be from the airport and we are so grateful to the airport for accommodating our event.  Be sure to check the Event Schedule for launch times!  Also Like us on Facebook for faster updates during the weekend.  We look forward to seeing you there!

About our Event

2007 University Toyota Mountaineer Balloon Festival at Mylan Park

2015 University Toyot's Balloons Over Morgantown